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No self-respecting breeder little puppy CAN NOT predict many things (he did not clairvoyant)!
Dear friends, this is for you, READ CAREFULLY !!!
1. Puppies are not born ELITE
elite become adult dogs on quality born from their children (before the title was assigned bitch and stud dog for quality of offspring exposed to the show. And for males and for females a different number of descendants from different litters, so that parents puppies can get the title ELITE only upon reaching the age of three males and four-year bitch.)
2.SHOU dogs are not born but are
only show results after 9 months (when the puppy goes to junior class Expose your puppy to puppy class and Bebik -. it is good training for the future champion, provided that after he rose from the puppy Juniors had correctly reversed teeth growth in standarte- not outgrown or grown, weight standarte- with it in juniors, he may be at the upper limit in the standard, and over the span or the open class and all matured, no longer for exhibitions, will be removed for weight, no matter what beauty was not dog)
For show dogs need charisma and temperament of the show, not all dogs are capable of it, they specially prepared for exhibitions and teaching (children too, not just to write, read and count nachali- they have been taught. Exhibitions for dogs is the same school for children, and for working breeds primary school is training at OKD, and exhibitions in the background)
THEREFORE reputable breeder can only guess and write that young PUPPY AT THE MOMENT without flaws and, if desired SUITABLE for show and breeding.
3. If you want to really SHOW dogs or dogs for breeding without the drawbacks - it is necessary to take only podroschennye DOG no earlier than 10 months (after the change of teeth, the stop of the main growth)
If the dog for vyazok- else and after the show, and after he unleashed. The opinion that the males knit everything that moves and deceptively amateurish. 20% of males are born with brains on knitting, 70% of males are taught with the help of an instructor in a viscous, but 10% are not suitable for mating at all-not interest them bitches, I sniffed and strongly perevozbudilsya, soft economy - anatomy of a dog in this and many more nuances. In the small puppies and dogs up to one year is not never know !!!!
CONCLUSION - ANY LITTLE PUPPY - it's a cat in a bag - 50 to 50 breeders and guilt is not here.
About a baby say that this is THE FUTURE PHOTO MODEL OR NOT POSSIBLE gold medalist - and with any animals the same.
dog - a prolific animal and all the puppies the same can not be, by definition, it implies a certain breed t.k.standart grew and weight - inside and out. Therefore puppies and obtained different.
In a few words: you do parents know - I say - you will then know their parents and even grandparents to their children and that children often resemble their parents or not, with those having two or more different-age children are at you all the same, or still different on growth and on the face?
Dogs are playing the parents from all sides to the tenth generation, and the people the same.
SO FROM CHAMPIONS AND PRODUCERS superfood can be produced "very basic" puppy. REGALIA PARENTS IS WELL AND GOOD, BUT FOR THIS QUALITY PUP can not influence - DO NOT lay BLOOD
so it is called in razvedenii.U people just from the parents of very beautiful and very very often born Crank.
Therefore do not require a guarantee from a breeder, be prepared that CAN frustrated and do not blame the breeders - he is not clairvoyant.
WANT TO BUY A DOG chic podroschennye than older PUPPY, THE One can see that he grow up.
And remember not born SHOW - SHOW dog becomes!
and this is a very expensive and time-consuming hobby - take my hat off to the people who dedicate all weekend exhibition of dogs.
Dear buyer future puppies heard the phrase - I do not for exhibitions, and for the house, and love - and you want to pull up. Show dog - very expensive, so that they do not love! Dog owners show them lick from head to toe - yes !, so that you never dreamed of, and love them so much that you have to learn how to love their animals and care for them - no offense to tell you.
Success to you and your pet NOT IMPORTANT TO SHOW THEY OR DIVAN.🌟

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